Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Last week I went to a state park in Missouri. It was a beautiful day but the pictures don’t do it justice since it was February and everything was brown. I am posting about it anyway as it has a unique history and if you ever get a chance you should check it out.

Per the website Mo State Parks “Robert M. Snyder, a wealthy Kansas City businessman, first visited the site in 1903 and was so impressed that he eventually purchased more than 5,000 acres. He envisioned a private retreat with a European-style castle, with a center atrium rising three and one-half stories to a skylight. Snyder also planned an 80-foot-high water tower, greenhouses and a carriage house. Construction began in 1905 only to be halted a year later with the untimely death of Snyder in one of the state’s first automobile accidents. Snyder’s sons finished building their father’s dream, though not quite as elaborately as originally planned. Eventually, the property was leased for use as a hotel, until tragedy struck in 1942. The entire interior was gutted by fire when sparks from a chimney ignited the roof. The carriage house burned the same day and in 1976, the water tower was burned by vandals. Today only ruins remain.”

I did not go to the Castle area this day but I will visit it when things are green and take photos to share with you all. I did go to the Natural Spring which is beautiful in of itself. Here are the photos from that day.

Do you go on nature walks? What is the most beautiful place you have been? Please share in the comments.