Planner Sticker Organization

So as I showed in my previous post I bought a lot of stickers. I have since bought more. I needed a way to see them easily so I don’t doubt buy. I found the perfect set up inexpensively at Wal-mart. I purchased a small binder such as this one.


I then purchased plastic inserts to put in it that fit.


And here they are inserted and what they look like on the inside.


And of course with the stickers in them.


I find this to be perfect for my needs and it holds three packs of fifteen protectors easily. The binder was around 2.88 and each pack of protects was around 2.47. Not much investment to keep my stickers nice and organized. Do you have a way you organize your stickers? If so please share below.

Planner Sticker Haul

So if you saw my Erin Condren haul you may know that you have to have stickers to go with the planner. It is a thing! lol. I have a few shops to show you as I had no stickers and wanted to get some to have options. I purchased all these myself except one company sent me a couple sheets for free for comparison and I will identify this shop.

First thing that came in the mail was the Oh Hello Stationery CO Monthly subscription kit. The theme was cacti. I got all that was in the pictures below plus an enamel pin that my son took for his backpack. All my Oh Hello Stationery Co stickers were printed in glossy paper.


A one month kit is 19.97 but you can get a better deal if you auto renew for a few months at a time. April theme is farm animals. It looks cute but I don’t plan on getting it. I plan on doing it month to month depending on the theme that is featured and my likes.

I also had put in a large order from them as I wanted their planner case for my EC planner. Here is my loot. 🙂

I was able to use a ten percent off code and got free shipping because of the amount I spent. Since this is a sticker haul I didn’t include the planner case but I can show it if anyone is interested. Just let me know. The price ranges are 19.99 for the kits to 2.85 for the blobby designs they create and the prices vary in between for everything else. I emailed them a few times and the customer service has been nice every time. They have a rewards system and I already cased in some rewards and have a kit at a discount on it’s way.

The rest of the shops were off of Etsy. Which is very addicting!! I started with a grab bag from Birds Fly Studios. I ordered a grab bag of 20.00 for 25 sheets. You don’t get to pick your sheets but they are not oops stickers instead they are recently reformulated style of stickers and the owner is downsizing her inventory. She did send me two sheets of her new format so I can show you  the difference. I thought this was great customer service as I didn’t ask I just inquired on the difference so I could describe it in my blog. The top picture is the new format which has the names of the stickers on a border at the top. All her stickers were on matte paper. Looking through her shop her items are from 4.50 to 17.00 depending on if you get a kit or not.



I also emailed her about the order as it appeared to get lost in the mail and her customer service was awesome. I have already ordered again. And honestly have another few items favored.

I ordered another grab bag. This one was from the etsy shop created by danielle1 It was only five dollars and I got a great amount of stickers. I did learn that even though they are an awesome deal, you often do not get stickers you will use a lot or want. Anyway here is what I received from Danielle.

I love the fourth of July full sticker sheet and can’t wait to use it up! I had to feature it.

Lastly, I ordered from Plan With Peggy Spoiler alert I loved her kits and they are extremely affordable! I picked up two full kits for 11.50 dollars. They are beautiful glossy paper also.


You get five sheets for 11.50! I just had to say it again. I can’t wait to use the Easter one. I like that it is a on the subtle side in my opinion. I do plan on ordering from her again. Oh and she wrote a personal note. I thought that was an awesome touch.

Are you a planner person? Do you do the full glam planner? If so is there any shops I need to check out… leave a comment below if so.

Feather River Body Review

I recently purchased from Etsy a setting powder for makeup and two eye shadows from Feather River Body. The shipping was super fast and there is a discount code in the company description for first time buyers.


The setting powder is suppose to be high definition. The store describes it as …

“Our invisible setting powder sets your foundation beautifully without adding any color. Packed full of skin loving ingredients like silk, pearls and allatoin to help soothe and restore your skin. Silica helps to blur your pores so you have the airbrushes / photo shopped look in person!

Our setting powders come in a 30 gram sifter jar filled to the brim with product.

Silica, Silk Powder, Pearl Powder and Allatoin.”

I agree it is super soft and melts away to nothing on the skin but sets your makeup. I do not find a white cast with this powder at all.


The powder is on the left and blended on the right.

It cost 12.00 and was in fact filled to the brim with an easy to use sifter.

The two eyeshadows I chose were Taffy and Queen of Hearts and are listed as pressed pigments. I agree they are very pigmented yet smooth.

The site states…

“These eye shadows work BEST when used over a primer and when applied with either your finger or a wet brush. This is not to say they don’t work great with a dry brush because they do, they just will be more vibrant if you apply them with a wet brush or your finger.

This eye shadow is sold pressed in a 26mm pan which holds approximately 1.8 grams of product. These are sold individually so they can easily be placed into a z palette for easy palette customization.”

It also warns that they are made of oil so may be a problem for oily lids. I thought that was great and honest reporting.

These are sold for 6.00 a piece.


Queen of Hearts is on the top and listed as a red with a hint of burgundy. Taffy is on the bottom and is described as peach. I found it to be more of a cotton candy color. I let the owner know and she said she would correct the website. I have looked for it just now and it is not listed so she might be doing just that. She also asked if I wanted to return the product for a refund. I told her the shadow is still creamy and beautiful and I would rather keep it.


Here is the colors on the eyes with MAC’s soft brown in the crease. The right side is with Urban Decay Primer potion and the left is with NYX white primer. They worked better over the Urban Decay in my opinion but it could have been the primer not the shadows.

All in all what do you think? When I am in the market for some new shades of eyeshadow or setting powder I will use this indie brand again.